Advancing Health Equity: A reflection tool for organizations, programs, and individuals committed to equity


This 8-module online tool walks you through public health processes using a health equity lens. The modules include questions that motivate you to enhance collaboration and consider how to improve health equity and reduce health disparities in your community program, project, or policy. Enjoy the tool’s flexibility, which encourages you find the information you need now and to return to the same or different modules over time as you conduct public health decision-making processes.


This tool uses the Evidence-Based Public Health framework as its foundation. You can learn more about training on Evidence-Based Public Health here.


Learning Objectives 

This online tool will enable you to:

  • Analyze internal and external agency practices to identify ways in which you support or hinder the achievement of health equity.

  • Identify practices that you and your agency/program can undertake to advance health equity.

  • Describe how taking a strengths-based and community-inclusive approach to your work can help to advance health equity.